do my dark under-eye circles and unwashed hair turn you on?

My life has been hectic since obtaining employment at a daycare.
I truly did love my job, working with children and playing with them outside all day? Yes please.  At the same time, the whole point of me moving back home and living with my parents was so that I wouldn’t have to worry about jobs or rent, and focus on my classes.  I worked over forty hours every week, and barely had time to study for the quizzes, so sadly, last week I quit my job and began working towards acing all my classes.

The entire weight of child society in my town was lifted from my shoulders.

This was an immense relief, but still broke my heart.  The children I worked with took their tiny, creepy little fingers and attached them directly to my cardiac muscle fibers, and remain still.  As do the dark under-eye circles.  As far as the unwashed hair, that’s because I just dyed it and it needs a little break from the demanding hair routine of me.

I am now an unemployed 23 year old that lives at home with her parents, going to the community college to save money, and living in her old hometown that she swore she would never come back to.  At first, I was so embarrassed, but now I really don’t give a fuck.  Being embarrassed because I’m doing what works for me, is nothing to be ashamed of.  I am healthy, happy, and mentally okay.  This is what life is about, and I’m enjoying it, to say the least.  I have the ability to get my associate’s degree by next May, start working on my bachelor’s degree by August, and later work on my Master’s.
This is all through the community college near my hometown.  They work with UMSL, and I get to use the satellite campus and obtain a degree from a public college, that’s more prestigious than the community college.
So moving back home, living with my support system, allowing myself to slow down and breathe, this is what works for me.


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