take some time to feel alright again.

take some time for these wounds to mend.

Getting older thickens your skin.
You will learn to reach one hand out and cover your heart with the other.
You will learn the preciousness of time, and not to spend it on something or someone who won’t better you in the end.  You will learn to be honest with yourself, to listen to your gut, to go with the flow without letting yourself drown.
You will learn that you can’t change how someone else feels, you can’t change what someone else wants; all you can do is hold your head high and do your best.
You will learn that it’s okay to be happy, that it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to scream and cry, because repression will eat you alive in the end.
You will learn that not everyone is out to get you and not everyone will break you down, even though some of them will.  And you will learn from them.
You will learn the right person will fight for you, for all of you, because your quirks and your flaws are what make you unapologetically and beautifully, you.
You will learn that honesty is always the best policy.  You will learn that vulnerability is terrifying, but it is necessary, because the only way to figure out the tangled mess of your heart is ripping your chest open and lying in a pool of your own blood.
You will learn how to trust, yourself and another, because building walls and digging dams will only isolate you in the end.
You will learn to not be so fucking stubborn all the time.
You will learn the difference between obsession and compassion, weakness and compromise.  You will learn to stand up for what you believe in, for what you deserve, for what you feel in the deepest depths of your secret heart.
You will learn to find the lessons in your failures, because then they aren’t really failures at all.
You will learn.
And you will hurt.
And you will love.
And that, is what life is truly about.

except from a book i’ll never write.

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