you are beautiful, but you are empty,

One could not die for you.
In honor of today being world book day, here are my two favourite novels.

Anyone who knows me at all knows that Extremely Loud is my favorite novel of all time.
It is my heart and soul.  
These books have been read, reread, marked, cried on, lost, borrowed, and returned more times than I can count.  They have thoughts and notes and underlines and scribbles among their pages, making them completely my own.
After reading a book, you give a part of yourself to it, and you take a part of it with you for the rest of your life.  You will be forever changed.
I keep my copy of Extremely Loud on my beside table, next to The Little Prince, and flip open to passages every night.
Just to feel.
What makes Extremely Loud so incredible is the mind of Oskar.
His imagination and curiosity, his extremely sensitive heart, his way of speaking words so beautifully and eloquently with the naivety of the mind of a child, but with the vocabulary and intelligence of an adult.
These words make my heart so incredibly heavy, that sometimes it’s hard to breathe.
Words cannot express the impact these books have had on my emotional being.

With The Little Prince, it reminds me that grown ups never understand anything. That words are the source of misunderstandings.  You mustn’t forget: you become responsible forever, for what you’ve tamed.

These books are two of my most prized possessions and dearest treasures.

So on world book day, remember:
Date a girl who treats you the same way she treats books.
– We’ll continuously critique you and feel no remorse as we break your spine
– We’ll be done with you in a week and move on immediately.
Happy reading, my loves.


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