the one where they believe in themselves

i wish people still believed in fairytales.

i don’t mean the ones with a prince and a castle and happily ever after.
i don’t mean the ones with a slayed dragon and death of the evil queen.
i don’t mean the ones where the glass slipper fits or she is kissed awake by a stranger.

i mean the ones where the mermaid finds her voice again.
the ones where she doesn’t need the prince to help.
the ones where she loses it. she loses it singing to the sky or chasing dreams of flying and seeing the world from the clouds.
the ones where she grows wings and finds herself hidden somewhere in the heavens; where it crawls back to her.
the ones where she finds safe haven on horizons or the vast in-between of things.

i mean the ones where the beast falls in love with himself.
where he finds beauty in all his rogue and fury.
the ones where there’s no spell to break; where his heart never turns cold.
the ones where he never meets the girl.
the ones where he learns all the beautiful things he can be.

i mean the ones where they love the girl because she is kind and honest.
the ones where no one looks at how pure her skin is, or how full her lips are, or how long and soft her hair is.
the ones where she is tangled knots and shaky hands.
the ones where she stutters when she speaks and has a fear of large crowds and small spaces.
the ones where they love her anyway.
the ones where she loves herself anyway.

– excerpt from a book I’ll never write

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