landlocked blues

The oceans do not part for us when we kiss.
The stars do not dance.
The moon does not turn soft and pink-cheeked.
God is not smiling down and the wind doesn’t stop blowing.
In the larger scheme of things: we do not matter.
In the larger scheme of things: everything is indifferent to us.
Everything but this skin we’ve tried so hard to keep in place.
To our bodies, the whole world is shuddering; the entire sky is heaving for us.
To our bodies, the ground is shaking; upturning homes and towns and streets.

look, the sky does not sing for us and I know that now.
but what if there’s something watching over us, a bird on a distant tree or a green blade of grass.
a dust in your room.
what if these small things are bringing us together, and what if the air pushes against itself to move you closer?

I’m not really sure what we had, but I know that it’s gone and it’s never coming back.

– excerpt from a book I’ll never write

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