is this heaven?


What made you think your touch was anything but holy?

We bit into the forbidden fruit and choked on all of its seeds, but fuck wasn’t it the most beautiful taste you’ve ever had in your mouth?
I think it’s what made us so sacred; the aftertaste, the bittersweet it left on our teeth.
The moment of impact comes as no surprise, but we still flinch.
I think we knocked Adam right out of his heaven with that kiss.
I think we carved mountains with these hands on each other’s skin.
I think we built hell with the fire in our eyes.
I think I saw the devil dance on your lips when you pulled away, I think I saw her smiling.
I think I felt her where your lips touched my neck, I think I felt her in the mark on my chest; on my thighs.

I think we’re holy, I think we’re godlike.
and oh, you smile, and I swear this is what god feels like.

– excerpt from a book I’ll never write



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